Using Ncrave To Earn Swagbucks!


SwaglogoAnother great way to earn Swagbucks is with Ncrave.  With Ncrave all you have to do is let videos play from your computer browser and you will earn SB.  Its really that simple but their are a few things to know to speed this process up! If you are having a hard time getting nCrave to work on Swagbucks (or looking for ways to earn more using nCrave!), try MyPoints! nCrave is listed under the Videos section on MyPoints!

First to get to the Ncrave section click the “Discover” link on the left side of the Swagbucks home page.  Then click Ncrave.  The next screen will show various titled boxes, each of these is an Ncrave you can do to earn SB.  The screen will look something like this.


Now what you are looking for is Ncrave offers that have this symbol in the bottom left corner.  This symbol means that the Ncrave offer is automated. encrave autoload

As you can see from my first screen shot, none of my offers have that symbol.  This is because each day you may (not always) need to do a few manual Ncraves before they allow you to do the automated ones.  Click on an offer and complete it by clicking the links or the thumbs up icons.  I always look for ones that just have a few links.  You click on a link, a new page appears, I go back to the original page and wait for the link I clicked to be highlighted.  Then move onto the next link.  Once you have clicked on them all you will get your SB and you will then be able to do the automated Ncrave offers.



Now that you see the Ncrave offers with the automated symbol go ahead and click on one of those.  The next page will have a website loaded to the right and a bar to the left.  The bottom of that bar will have a list of pages that Ncrave will load, the top is a “Discovery Mode” button.  Click on that and your videos are automated.






The kicker is you have to leave this page open and you can’t click away or the automated process will stop.  But wait!  There is a way around this!  While on the page, and after you have turned on the “Discovery Mode”.  Press CTRL+TAB.  This will advance your browser to the next open tab!  The automation will continue and you can just check back every few minutes to see if it has completed!

nCrave is NOT just on Swagbucks!

Did you know that you can complete nCrave offers from other websites? Below are some other sites like Swagbucks that allow you to complete nCrave offers!

  • InstaGC (Sign up with THIS LINK to get a 10 point bonus!) – From the homepage click “video” and then “Encrave”.
  • PrizeRebel – From the homepage click “Offer Walls” then “Encrave”.
  • MyPoints – nCrave is listed in the videos section

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