Swagbucks TV


swagbucksA few months ago Swagbucks came out with a new version of SwagbucksTV.  They now use playlists that give a specific number of SB as a reward for watching the videos.  They run automatically which is nice (if yours don’t run automatically you are probably using Google Chrome, try Firefox for those playlists).  If you prefer the old format (or want to run both at one time) you can find the old version as part of the SwagButton browser extension or if you want the old version without using the SwagButton just use THIS LINK. With this version of SwagbucksTV you earn 3SB for every 10 videos your watch. All you have to do is click the next video after you see the progress bar advance. You do NOT have to watch the entire video. You can watch the same video as many times as you won’t but you will only be credited ONCE per day for each video.