Swagbucks Parent Company, Prodege, Releases New Money Making App!


Prodege is the parent company of Swagbucks. But did you know that Prodege also owns MyPoints? MyPoints is not a new site but it was not always owned by Prodege. Now that Prodege owns MyPoints they are incorporating many of the same earning opportunities you love to do on Swagbucks with MyPoints. Things like the daily to-do list, nCrave, surveys, games, printing coupons and yes a video watching app!

For the purpose of this post we are specifically looking at this new video app because to me this is the easiest and most passive way for you to increase your online earnings.

The first thing you will need to do is sign up for MyPoints, to do so CLICK HERE. With this special link you will get over $10 in points when you make your first cashback purchase of $20+ through MyPoints. (If you have ever gotten cashback through Swagbucks, this works the EXACT same way!)

After creating your account you will need to go to the app store on your phone/tablet and search for “Daily Scoop”.

Install the app and you will immediately see how similar it is to all the other Swagbucks apps… so much so that it even asks for your “Swag Name” when you first login! (Note you CAN’T use your Swagbucks account, you have to have a MyPoints account.)

This app has favorites just like the Swagbucks apps do. Find the shortest video on the list, tap and hold until the “add to favorites” box pops up. At the time of this post the shortest video is 30 seconds long and it is titled “Commuters Calmed By…”

Once you find the video just let it run until it give you the message that you have maxed out your earnings for the day!


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  1. marshaseiberling

    I put this one in awhile back and it’s nice to have this one to run after I get all the Swagbucks apps to their limit!

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