Receive An E-mail When You Are The Swagbucks Hourly Winner!


SwaglogoDo you know what the Swagbucks Hourly Winner is?  Every hour on the Swagbucks blog they announce one Swag member as the hourly winner.  The winner gets 1,000 SB ($10).  The trick is you have to check the blog every hour to see if you have won!  But not anymore.  Use this simple method and you will receive an e-mail if you are the winner!


2.  If you don’t already have an account with then you will need to create one.

3.  Enter your Swagbucks user name into the box on the site.  When you do so make sure to precede your username with the “@” symbol.  Example: @SwagbucksUserName

That’s it!  No more checking the blog and no more wondering if you missed out on your 1,000 SB!


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