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PrizeRebelSquareFor several months now we have been testing out several GPT (Get Paid To) sites and PrizeRebel is our favorite.

We wanted to put together a guide to help others earn on PrizeRebel.  This guide is intended for people who are already familiar with GPT sites and are looking for ways to expand their earnings and diversify them across more than just one site.  The first thing to know about PrizeRebel is that they have a really great layout.  The design and flow of the site is really easy to use and appealing to the eye.  This may sound like an odd way to start but many GPT sites have a problem in this area.  It is easy for new users to get overwhelmed with all the bells and whistles on these sites and while PrizeRebel includes all these bells and whistles they do so in a way that is very easy to understand and digest.

Like many GPT sites PrizeRebel  gives out point codes on their various social media sites.  After you have signed up for PrizeRebel make sure to sign up for our e-mail list in the upper right corner of this page so that you will get these codes e-mailed directly to you whenever they come out.  These codes are typically valid for 24 hours.

A unique feature to PrizeRebel is their level system.  The more you use the site the higher the level you can achieve and each level comes with discounts and bonuses.  Below is a table detailing each level:



Like all GPT sites PrizeRebel has several offer walls that allow you to complete offers for points.  Here is a list of the walls currently offered:  PeanutLabs, Adscend,, TrialPay, OfferToro, Adgate, RadiumOne, Virool, Encrave and PayPerCall.

On any GPT site some of the biggest earnings will come from completing surveys.  The survey companies associated with PrizeRebel are as follows:



Under the Earn tab you will see an option for Engage Videos.  These are a great way to pick up some extra points each day.  You will earn 2 points for every 6 videos you watch and you must watch for 45 seconds. If you enjoy watching videos you should also run the EngageMe.TV videos. We have a separate post on this earning opportunity which you can find right HERE.

Our single favorite activity on PrizeRebel is CrowdFlower.  CrowdFlower is basically an offer wall but they work differently than the others.  They have a list of tasks that need completed and will reward you with points for doing them correctly.  Now the points generally start out slow but they keep track of your accuracy and how many jobs you complete.  As you earn more and more on crowd flower they will start giving you more rewarding tasks.  You can easily see tasks that earn you 15-30 points and only take a minute or 2 to complete.  The best part is these tasks are often repeatable many times!  If for no other reason, you should consider joining PrizeRebel just to start earning with CrowdFlower.

By now I am sure you want to know the prize, or redemption options.  PrizeRebel has a TON of different giftcard options.  The ones that are likely the most important to you are Paypal, Amazon and Bitcoin. Users in the US can even get direct transfers right to their bank account!

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