New Video Wall From PrizeRebel!


I’ve said it many times in the past and I’ll say it again here, watching videos is my favorite way of earning on GPT sites. I love video watching because it is passive and the money really adds up before you know it. Just today PrizeRebel announced they have created a new “Video Wall”. The Video Wall is a page with all the different video offers in one place. Here is a break down of what is available:

  • EngageMe Videos (Click here to learn more!)
  • HyperMX – If you have ever done JunVids (Laptop guy) or Ngage offers this is similar
  • Encrave (Ncrave) (Click Here to learn more!)
  • – 2 points for every 6 videos watched. Must manually advance each video.
  • VideoLab – 1.1 points every 14 minutes, unlimited earning.
  • VideoLoyalty – This is powered by EarnHoney (use EarnHoney directly for better earning rates!) Their are 2 options on this screen one is .96 points every 3 ads with a limit of 10 credit per day. The other is 1.5 points for every 9 ads which has unlimited earnings!
  • I love that PrizeRebel has consolidated all the easy video watching options onto one page. If you have not previously signed up for PrizeRebel this is the perfect time to do so!

    To sign up for PrizeRebel, click here. After signing up you can reach the Video Wall, HERE.


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