New Feature – InstaGC Earning Bonus!


InstaGCWatchBonusWhenever I have my computer on (which is 24/7) I always have the InstaGC watch page (Not already an InstaGC member?  Sign up with THIS LINK and get a 10 point bonus!) open in a browser tab.  Today to my surprise when I went back to the tab to restart the videos there was a blue bar across the top of the screen that said I had a bonus!  Clicked the blue bar, clicked claim on the next page and BAM! 2 bonus points.  After doing some snooping around I saw that InstaGC has created a new BONUS PAGE.

The page explains that each day InstaGC will give users point bonuses for completing certain tasks.  Below is an example of the bonus for 8/31/16


Unfortunately that is all the information I could find about the bonus.  This is a new feature so hopefully as time goes on we will learn more about it and figure out how to get the most out of it.  As we learn more, I will update this page.

In the meantime, keep an eye on that bonus page so you are not missing out on free and easy bonus points!


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