How Menards Rebates Work


If you don’t already know, Menards is a hardware store located in the Midwest (You can also purchase items online and have them shipped to you if you live in other parts of the country).  It is a lot like Home Depot or Lowe’s but one GREAT thing about Menards is their rebate program.

Menards uses a mail-in rebate program that allows you to get certain products each week for either FREE, deeply discounted or to even make money off the purchase!  Below we will share with you a few details about the program.

The Basics

Each week the sale ad will display items that have a rebate available.  You will also see rebate notifications near the price of items on rebate in the store.  Each notification will include what the item is, the dates the rebate is available, the number of items you can buy and the price you will have to pay upfront.

After purchasing the item(s) the bottom of your receipt will have a “rebate receipt” for each item you bought on rebate.  Each of these special receipts will have a rebate number at the top.  Take this over to the customer service desk where they have all the rebate forms that you will need available.  You can also find your rebate form HERE and print them yourself.

The rebate form will have the address of where to mail the rebate and a date by which the envelope must be post marked in order to receive the rebate.  It will typically take about 4 weeks to get your rebate back in the mail.  It will come as a roughly 4×6 card that has your personal information on one side and a breakdown of the rebates included and the total.  This rebate is a merchandise credit and can only be used at Menards.


If you return an item that has been on rebate you will need to have the rebate receipt along with the regular receipt in order to get a full refund.  If you do not have the rebate receipt they will deduct the rebate amount from the refund you receive.

Using Your Rebates

The rebate can be used to purchase anything in the store, including items that are free after rebate.  Also, you will NOT be charged sales tax on the portion of your purchase that is paid for with your rebate.  This means you can roll your free item rebates into more free items and they are truly free.

Quick Tips

  • You can put all your rebates in one envelope, you do NOT need to mail them separately.
  • When using in-store rebate forms you can stick a return address label on the form instead of actually filling it out with your personal information
  • You can track the progress of your rebates HERE
  • You CAN use manufacturer coupons in conjunction with rebates
  • You can use any form of payment when buying rebate items
  • The in-store credit rebate you receive does NOT expire
  • You do NOT have to use the entire store credit with one purchase.  If you have a remaining balance the cashier will write that amount on your rebate card
  • Mistakes can happen from time to time.  If you are mailing in a large rebate scan the entire receipt, including rebate receipt before mailing it in….. make sure to mail in the ORIGINAL.
  • Sometimes they will process a rebate even if it was mailed after the deadline.  You can get expired Menards rebate forms using our tool on THIS PAGE.

In-store Rebate Price Card

In-store Rebate Price Card

Rebate slip to pick up at the Customer Service desk or print online.

Rebate slip to pick up at the Customer Service desk or print online.


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