Jun Vids


SwaglogoAnother way to earn Swagbucks is by doing the Jun videos offers.  These are also known as the “Laptop Guy” offers. (Due to the picture of you guessed it a guy on a laptop they use.)

These offers are a great way to earn extra Swagbucks and they a fairly passive.  When you find one of these offers all you have to do is click on it and a new window will pop up.  Typically their will be a countdown timer of XX seconds and once it hits zero you simply go to the next page.  You can generally do these offers until you are blue in the face.

The problem with Jun offers is that you are stuck looking for them.  Sometimes they are in the list on the home page, other times they will be as a banner on the top of the page.  The Jun offers look something like this.


However if you rather not run around Swagbucks looking for these Jun offers.  You instead can bookmark this blog post.  Below we will list any active Jun offers.

Jun Offer 1

Jun Offer 2


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