InstaGC Watch Points DOUBLED Throughout December!


Anyone who has been receiving our InstaGC e-mails for a while now probably already knows that I am not a huge fan of the Watch feature on InstaGC. I love to earn money by passively watching videos but under normal circumstances you can get more bang for your buck through other videos watching venues. However, December 2017 is NOT normal circumstances. For this month I LOVE watching videos via their Watch feature.

For the month of December InstaGC has decided they will DOUBLE the points you earn through the Watch page. You will now earn 1 point for every 10 videos watched, and thats regardless of whether you get ads playing or not. In addition to doubling the points InstaGC has said they will also continue to give a weekly bonus for users who use the watch page based on how many points they accumulate through out the week. But wait, theirs more. Currently InstaGC also has their holiday bonus promotion which allows you to earn upto 10% more from all earnings, including video watching earnings. And as always InstaGC has 3 playlists that can all run at one time.

For these reasons, December is the perfect time to let those InstaGC playlists run 24/7! If you are not already an InstaGC member you can get a 10 point bonus by signing up with my referral link, just CLICK HERE.


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