InstaGC Users Get Rate Increase On EngageMe.TV Through Christmas!


The good times just keep coming if you are an InstaGC user! (Not an InstaGC member? Use THIS LINK and receive a 10 point sign up bonus!) InstaGC just announced that they have raised the earning rate on EngageMe.TV from now through Christmas. For those of you who don’t know EngageMe.TV is a passive video watching service that credits as ads are displayed. Typically you will “watch” one regular video followed by one ad. Sometimes an ad can not be served and it will automatically go to the next video. You only get credited when an AD plays, this means you need to keep your ad blockers off! Also if you notice you haven’t been credited in a while clear your browsing history including cache and cookies and open a new EngageMe.TV window.

Here is the schedule for rate increases from now through Christmas:

Nov 3rd-11th – up to 10% increase in rewards per view
Nov 17th-24th – up to 20% increase in rewards per view
Dec 1st-10th – up to 30% increase in rewards per view
Dec 15th-25th – up to 30% increase in rewards per view


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