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InstaGC Tutorial

InstaGC is hands down THE BEST site for making money online! Below is a quick guide for making big bucks with InstaGC. First you need to make an account and CONFIRM your e-mail address (use THIS LINK to get your first 10 points instantly!).

You can redeem your points a variety of ways some of which are: Paypal, Amazon, Direct Deposit or gift cards from almost 200 different merchants.


Tips For Earning Points

1. Do Surveys! You can find surveys on the various offer walls (an offer wall is just a company that offers tasks for users to complete).  Start off by going to the “Earn” tab, “recommended” and then click on “InstaGC” and change category to Daily.  Once finished there again Click “Earn” tab, “recommended” and then click on “InstaGC” and change category to Studies.  Lastly click “Earn” and then “Surveys” in the drop down.

2. By completing the surveys mentioned in number 1 you can make over $20 every single day!  When doing surveys be sure to be honest or you will get banned!  Complete the surveys COMPLETELY.  Many times you will get a congratulations page at the end, its a good idea to leave this page open for a few minutes.

3. You will want to clear your web browser cache and cookies very often (like several times a day that you are active on InstaGC) this will help ensure that all the offers you do give you credit.  To easily clear cache and cookies we use CCleaner.  Download it HERE.

4. You will also want to use new e-mail addresses often!  The offer walls will have many of the same offers, if you know you have already done an offer on another wall use a different e-mail the second time.  Remember outlook, yahoo and gmail all offer free e-mail addresses.  Also, anytime you see a LifeScript offer you need to clear cache and cookies and use a new e-mail address or it won’t credit!

5. Take advantage of the mobile site!  Look through the offers many times you can find videos worth 1-4 points.  Always try repeating videos.  About a month ago we made a post about a video that was running over and over again for consecutive days.  We were able to get nearly 300 points from this video alone! (don’t want to miss out on these offers in the future?  Sign up for our e-mail list!)

6. Watch Videos!  To get to the videos go to the homepage then click “videos”.  The offer wall “Ad Bistro” pays 1 point for every 3 videos and you can do it over and over.  The wall “Offer Toro” has a video worth 1.2 points that can be completed once an hour.  Try to complete all the offers on all the video offer walls because they are so easy!  Also under the “Earn” tab you can click “Watch Videos” this is offered by InstaGC and pays 1 point for every 5 videos.  You don’t have to watch the whole video!  The video will credit once you pass the 30 second mark.

7. Pay attention to the TICKER!  It is on the right side of all the pages.  It will show you what offers others are completing.  It will tell you the title and what offer wall it is on as well as how many points it is for and how many users have completed it.  If you see a 180 point offer completed by hundreds of people then GO DO IT.  That means its EASY.  Just click the offer wall link in the ticker and then sort the offers from low to high and scroll to the point amount of the offer then look for the title you saw in the ticker.

8. Signing up for (free) special offers is a GREAT way to earn points.  These offers typically need your personal contact information including address, e-mail address and phone number.  We have no problem giving this information out and have NEVER had an issue with it…except for the phone number.  They WILL spam your phone like CRAZY.  The solution is to sign up for a google voice phone number using your gmail account.  Give them this number and you don’t have to worry about them blowing up your phone.

9. Utilize the Point Booster codes.  Point Boosters are codes that either InstaGC gives out or users can create.  They are typically worth anywhere from 1 to 5 points.  They are posted in various places but all you have to do is sign up for our e-mail list and you will get an e-mail any time a new code is released.  We also create our own InstaGC codes that are only available to our visitors!

10. Do the Clicks (CPC).  Go to the homepage then click on “Clicks”.  The 2 main walls you should pay attention to from here is InstaGC and Radium 1.  The InstaGC wall will have 15-20 offers that will pay 1-5 points each.  Read the instructions!  Sometimes you just click the link other times you have to “interact with the site” which basically means click an ad on the site.  Make sure to let pages load completely before clicking on anything or closing them.  The Radium 1 wall is very similar however these offers get used up REALLY quick!  They are limited to a certain amount of users every day and you need to be up very late if you want points from them.  They reset between 3:30 and 4 am eastern time.  Good luck with those.


This is not by any means a complete guide to earning on InstaGC but meant to be a guide for new users or people who feel overwhelmed by all the different links and walls on the site.  Once you get comfortable with the layout you will be earning in now time!



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