How to Fix “Right click to run Adobe Flash Player” or “Couldn’t load plugin” In Google Chrome


Google Chrome is rolling out a new update and it may be causing you some headaches. Google is trying to phase out the use of Adobe Flash Player but the problem is millions of sites still rely on it to play games, videos and other user interactive content. If you are receiving this dreaded message, “Right click to run Adobe Flash Player” and finding that right clicking does nothing or a “Couldn’t load plugin” error this page will help!

The first thing (and usually only thing) you will need to do is update the flash player plugin within Google Chrome. To do this type chrome://components/ in the address bar of a new tab. In the list that will load on that page look for “Adobe Flash Player” and click “Check for update”. It will search and automatically install any updates, this should only take a few minutes.

Once it is complete re-try whatever page was giving you a problem to start with.

You may still need to give permission to that site to run Flash Player, to do so look to the right side of the address bar when on that page and see if you are getting a “Plugin Blocked” message. If so click on that and click to allow the site to run Flash Player.


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