EngageMeTV Earning Hack! Learn How To Earn More! (without breaking the rules)


Many of you already know about EngageMeTV but for those of you who don’t it is a service that allows you to watch videos online and you earn money from the ads that you “watch”….and by “watch” I mean have running in the background while you do other stuff and are completely oblivious to what is playing. For those of you who have been using EngageMeTV for awhile I bet your earnings have tanked the longer you have used it. That is what happened to me until I figured out a few simple tricks that has me earning more then I ever have before.

Before we get into the earning hacks its important to know what websites you should be running EngageMeTV on because each site determines on their own how much they pay for viewing EngageMeTV ads. These are the sites I use based on profitability and reliability.

It is also important to know the rules of EngageMeTV because its going to be hard to make money if you get banned! Here are the Do’s and Don’ts right from EngageMeTV’s website.


  • Automatically Skip the Content (They keyword here is “automatically”)
  • Use an Autorefresher
  • Ignore Device Limits: Don’t watch EngageMe.TV on more than 1 screen per device and more than 3 devices total per household.

  • Skip Videos You Don’t Like (See here they say it is OK to skip videos)
  • Chrome is Actually Gold (They are talking about Google Chrome, you definitely want to use this browser)
  • The rest of the “Do” list is stupid and you don’t need to know it. Pretty simple right? Now that we know what is allowed and more importantly what is NOT allowed it is time to boost your earnings!

    First, as stated above you want to be using Google Chrome to watch video on your desktop or laptop computer. In addition, you always want to run EngageMeTV in an “Incognito” window. To open an Incognito window press CTRL + SHIFT + N. This window will start you off with a clean slate, no cookies or cached web files. You should close the Incognito window and open a fresh one once a day. You will know you have a fresh Incognito window because the site you are running EngageMeTV on will ask you to log in again.

    Second, you want to show activity. If you just leave the window open and never click on anything or do anything they will give you less ads and you will earn less money. This means I want you to click the little skip icon (bottom right corner of the EngageMeTV video player) at least once an hour and no more then 1 time every 10 minutes. DO NOT set up a script to do this automatically!

    Third, you need to keep in mind that you are not the only one trying to earn a buck here, EngageMeTV is also in the business of making money. The more money they make from you viewing the more they are willing to share a piece of that money. This means that you need to be clicking on some ads every once in awhile. Again DO NOT set up a script to do this automatically. Also do NOT click on every ad that pops up! Stick to clicking on NO MORE then 1 ad per hour.

    Its as simple as that! Make sure to always use an Incognito window, show some activity by skipping videos once in a while and click on an ad every now and then. Follow these 3 simple things and you will KILL IT on EngageMeTV!


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