Earn Passive Income With Your SmartPhone And Fronto!


We all love earning passive income right? Many of you know my favorite way to earn money online is through passive video watching however Fronto might of just made passive earning even better. Fronto displays ads on the lock screen of your smart phone. You do not have to engage with these ads at all, just swipe left to unlock your phone as normal. Its that easy!

After installing the app use promo code earningbonus for a 1,250 point bonus!

To enter a promo code open the app, click the gear icon, click “enter referral code”

In addition to ads displaying on your lock screen you can also earn by simply opening the app once a day. Thats right, as soon as you open the app it will tell you how many bonus points you just earned. Also Fronto is partnered with TrialPay and Fyber so you can complete offers like you are used to doing on the traditional GPT sites.

Every Hour Points

Getting free points for just opening the app isn’t enough for you? Fine have it your way. You can also get bonus points by unlocking your phone screen once per hour.


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