Earn Money For Watching Videos! (New EngageMe.TV Mobile App!)


Watching videos is my FAVORITE way to make extra money online! Why? Because it is easy and a passive way of earning. If you are like me and enjoy this easy extra income then I have GREAT news for you! Recently EngageMe.TV (Never heard of them? Read more HERE) introduced a new mobile video watching app! The app has 2 fantastic features. The first one is that the videos are 100% passive. I have been running the app for about 12 hours now and it is still running strong without me having to do a damn thing! The second fantastic feature is that the app connects to the money earning websites you are already using! Simply download the app and create an account using a e-mail and password. Once you are signed up you can connect your accounts (yes plural, you can connect accounts from more then 1 site!) to the app.

As of right now Swagbucks is NOT an option on this app however some of our other favorite sites are including Earnably, PrizeRebel and InstaGC! One more great feature of the new EngageMe.TV app is that you can run the app on up to 3 devices at once. All day long I have been running a device for each of the 3 sites mentioned above. (Today is the most I have earned watching videos in YEARS!)

To make the most of this new earning platform you will want 3 devices capable of running the app. If you are interested in some really cheap options that work great for this app (and the Swagbucks app) look into buying a Kyocera Hydro cell phone. These phones are so cheap that they will pay for themselves in only about a week.

This app is brand new and we are still learning some of the best practices and tricks to get the most out of it. If you have any additional tips please feel free to share them in the comments below!

UPDATE: When connecting the app to your Earnably account you must use your User ID and NOT your Username. You can get your ID by clicking “My Account” and then “Settings” your ID is the very first box.


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    1. PJ Post author

      You will download the EngageMe TV app then once it is installed you will create a user name and password for EngageMe TV then the app will have a button for you to link your InstaGC account to the app.

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