How to Earn Money Watching Videos With EngageMe.TV!


The ability to earn money by watching videos online is not new. It has been around for over a decade however in that time watching videos for money has evolved. One of the best ways to earn through watching videos today is by using EngageMe.TV. Two great things about EngageMe.TV is that it can run for hours and hours without you having to interact in anyway with the page and it is available on multiple earning sites. Lets start with my favorite sites to use EngageMe.TV:

  • PrizeRebel – Click Here – Then mouse over “earn” and click “Offer Walls”. Then click “Adscend”. You will find EngageMe.TV there.
  • InstaGC – Click Here – Then click “AdWall” and EngageMe.TV is on that page.
  • Earnably – Click Here – Then click “Earn” and click “Videos”.
  • Swagbucks – Click Here – Then click “Discover” and in the left sidebar click “AdscendMedia”.

  • OK, now that your are signed up with one of the above sites you are able to start earning with EngageMe.TV. It is really easy to use I just want to give you a few pointers. First, the player seems to work best when in its own window (not tab but window). You can still do things in other browser windows and the EngageMe.TV window does NOT have to be in front.

    Next, make sure the “Earnings” number at the top is not stuck at zero, if after 10-15 minutes it hasn’t registered any earnings then close the window and try again. If working it will look like this:

    Sometimes you will get a message that pops up that says something like “Video must be watched” and you have to click OK in order to continue earning. I am not sure what triggers this message, I have had the videos running for 12+ hours without getting it. Just be aware and keep an eye out for that pop up message.

    Thats all their is to it! I let EngageMe.TV run 24/7! Happy Earnings!


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