How To Earn Big Money Watching Videos Online!


Every user of this site knows that watching videos is my favorite way to earn money online. I love this method because it is EASY and PASSIVE! All you have to do is let the videos play… all day long. I have videos running on my desktop, laptop, tablet and 3 smart phones 24 hours a day! That may seem a little extreme to you but its free money and I am not sure their are more things in life I love more then free money.

Lately my favorite way to watch videos online has been through EARNHONEY! (sign up here!) EarnHoney has something they call “Buzz TV”. All you have to do is click the link, pick which channel you would like to watch (Humor, Medical, Auto, Entertainment, etc.) and let it play! I like to check in on it every few hours to make sure everything is running smoothly but thats it. Free money in your pocket!

Want another great way of earning through watching videos online? After you have signed up for EarnHoney, check out EngageMe.TV.


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