Daily Swagbucks Checklist


Daily Swagbucks Checklist


As I have started using sites like Swagbucks more and more I have found that it can be hard to remember to do some of the easy daily tasks (I don’t think I have answered a Swagbucks poll question all week!).  So we decided to put together the Daily Swagbucks Checklist of activities you should be doing everyday on Swagbucks.  And to make it official we even added little boxes to the left of each item so you can check it off your list!


First start your mobile apps since these will take the longest to finish. For tips on how to complete them faster see THIS POST. Complete them in the following order:


The Daily Poll – 1SB
To-Do List – Get a SB bonus for completing 6 of the 7 items. Click Here for more info.
Games – Play 10 times to earn maximum SB
Inbox – Look for easy offers. Some all you do is click the link and get 2SB, others are videos that can be played multiple times, or print a coupon. Anything that says “2SB for every…” is just an ad for a website.
JunVids – These are also known as the “Laptop Guy” offers. Check back with them throughout the day sometimes they come and go.  The countdown timer works great with these too!
NCrave – I normally use Google Chrome as my webbrowser but sometimes the NCraves don’t show up, if you have that problem try FireFox. For more tips on earning with Ncrave check out this POST and this VIDEO.  This is another spot where the countdown timer is a great help
Sponsored Videos – This section will have random videos usually worth 2SB each, NGage videos also known as the “Laptop Girl” and more JunVids.
Swagbucks TV – I like to work my way down the categories sorting the videos by most SB to least. If the videos aren’t playing right try to watch them in a Firefox browser.
Swagbucks TV (Classic Version) – This is the old style of Swagbucks TV, you need to manually click each next video. You earn 3SB for every 10 videos.


The above list are the only things we do on Swagbucks. These are all largely passive items that can run in the background of your computer. If you follow this checklist you will likely meet your daily goals everyday. If you hit your daily goal every day for a month you will earn roughly 900 bonus Swagbucks.



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    1. PJ Post author

      Yes, RadioLoyalty is not longer available. We have removed it from the list.

      At the moment I am not aware of any other sites that still carry RadioLoyalty

  1. virginia larson

    I’m finding that these swagbucks and instagc is really slow to get done . try to earn cash fast i’m not figuring it out to well. surveys are boring. is there a way to do them all at once .

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