Daily PrizeRebel Checklist


Daily PrizeRebel Checklist



As I have started using sites like PrizeRebel more and more I have found that it can be hard to remember to do some of the easy daily tasks.  So we decided to put together the Daily PrizeRebel Checklist of activities you should be doing everyday on PrizeRebel.  And to make it official we even added little boxes to the left of each item so you can check it off your list!


Daily Points – These are typically short videos that earn 1 point each.  Typically 5-10 but everyday is different
Engage Videos – Watch six 45 second videos for 2 points.  Repeatable.  Play this while doing the Daily Points listed above.
Daily Gold Surveys – A collection of surveys from various offer walls, updated daily.
Encrave (The link will take you to the offer walls page, from their click the Encrave link) – This works exactly as it does on Swagbucks.
Inbox – Easy offers can be found in your PrizeRebel mail.


The items listed above are the only things we do on PrizeRebel.  These are all largely passive items that can run in the background of your computer. If you follow this checklist you will likely meet your daily challenge everyday.

Is their something else you do everyday on PrizeRebel?  Let us know!

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