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As I have started using sites like InstaGC more and more I have found that it can be hard to remember to do some of the easy daily tasks.  So we decided to put together the Daily InstaGC Checklist of activities you should be doing everyday on InstaGC.  And to make it official we even added little boxes to the left of each item so you can check it off your list!


First start the InstaGC Watch Page since it will take the longest to finish. Remember you can play all 3 playlists at once. You can watch a maximum of 1,000 videos. Your points will be credited at 12pm EST. You will also receive a variable weekly bonus every Wednesday

Next lets start Ad Bistro videos. You will need to click next every 30 seconds to keep earning. I like to put this on one side of the screen while I do other tasks on the other half. If your computer/internet cant handle multiple videos playing at once just skip this or do it after your Watch Page is maxed out.

Now start the HyperMX videos. Once the video ends there will be a link in the top left that says “Next”. Keep going until there are no videos left, if you don’t get the “Next” link then close the window and reopen it.

Another video option for you is EngageMe.TV on the Adwall offer wall. It is passive video earning which is great but the video player tends to crash alot. I like to run the App Trailers. They are listed as .9 points but you earn 1.79. (If you look there are ones that give a higher credit amount however they take more videos to earn that amount. Because the player has a tendency to crash I prefer the smaller amounts. Also I always play these in a separate window….not TAB but WINDOW.)

The last video task we will do is Ncrave. These can be a great source of points but they are never available for me personally. If you are not sure how Ncrave works check out THIS POST

Now lets be sure to enter the Free Daily Sweepstakes. It is just what it sounds like. Free and daily.

Time for clicks. Start with the InstaGC Clicks. Open each offer. If its a video start the video, if its a slide show go 2-3 slides in, make sure you are letting pages load completely. These offers do NOT credit instantly just do your clicks and move on.

You may also want to consider doing the RadiumOne (R1) clicks. These are time sensitive, You need to be doing them around 2-3am….sucks I know)

On to Live Sample Surveys. There are 2 of them, 105 points each and available daily. Even if you hate surveys they are a great value so try to do them everyday.

The last thing we want to do every day is check the Quick & Easy Submits. These typically require you to sign up for a site or submit your e-mail address


While completing the above tasks be sure to keep an eye on the ticker (right side of every InstaGC page) it will show you what offers other users are completing and you may consider attempting yourself.

Complete the above list everyday on InstaGC you will be cashing out on a regular basis before you know it! If you have any suggestions for things that should be added to the list please leave a comment below or use our Contact Us page!


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